Odontogenic sinusitis

Odontogenic sinusitis.

     Occurrence of odontogenic sinusitis can be explained by the anatomical proximity of the sinus floor (bottom of its wall) to the tops of the roots of the teeth of the upper jaw. Thus, the root of the second small and indigenous roots of the first and second molars, separated from the bottom of the maxillary sinus with a thin layer of bone. Sometimes the bottom of the maxillary sinus is bordered by a large indigenous roots of the third, and in front - with the roots of the first bicuspid and even canine.

    The roots of these teeth can stand in his bosom, and separated from its cavity only the periosteum and mucous membrane. Inflammatory processes in the tops of the roots of these teeth can spread to the mucosa of the maxillary sinus. Breakthrough of pus in the maxillary sinus is possible and with festering dental cysts of the upper jaw. Inflammation around the impacted teeth, as well as the remains of the roots of teeth can be a source of infection. Odontogenic sinusitis often develops as a result of perforation of the sinus floor during the removal of the tooth (called ruptured sinusitis). Sometimes perforation may be accompanied by pushing the tooth or root in the maxillary sinus.

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Robot vs Ebola

Robot that emits ultraviolet radiation, may become a new weapon in the fight against one of the deadliest diseases in the world - Ebola.

Standalone machine, made by Xenex Disinfection, based in San Antonio, is currently fighting off viruses and bacteria in 250 hospitals in the United States - including, in the hospital in Dallas, where Thomas Eric Duncan (Thomas Eric Duncan), the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, was treated and eventually died.

The mechanism of action of the robot is, as we have already mentioned, in the emission of ultraviolet radiation. Light of this wavelength destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses by destroying their DNA.

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Man lived 40 years with a needle in the gut

 The man complained of persistent pain in the chest and back, doctors found a needle that had been in the gut as much as 40 years. He says that if within two days he was tortured prolonged pain in the abdomen, the doctor suggested that the army carry out the procedure of acupuncture and pain instantly ceased.

 However, many years later, the man began to feel discomfort in the chest and back. Xu repeatedly appealed for help to the clinic, but during inspection and palpation of the doctors did not find any violations in the body. Over time, the pain became so unbearable that the doctors decided to do an x-ray. The picture shows it was evident that the man in the stomach was a foreign body. It turned out - it's the needle.

 Physician E Lin, who led the operation to extract 3 cm needle, said that it was a shock to all the staff of the clinic. Needle stuck in the intestines, blackened and became very thick, as in decades oxidized, it was she and caused terrible pain Xu Long.

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