How to choose a perfume for winter

    Fragrances on our skin react to changes in temperature and humidity levels are different. In winter it is cold air, cold wind, high humidity due to snow.

   First comes to mind an association with winter snow, and snow is always associated freshness. However, fresh smells are relevant in the summer, when the heat of the body needs moisture and coolness. For this reason, the sale of fresh flavors always fall with the onset of winter. In cold skin differently reflects smell the top note perfume lasts longer, and flavor perception is distorted. The fresh smell of winter sounds very serious, that is not always pleasant.

How to choose a perfume for winter

    In winter, it is best to use the complex, warm scent with an interesting fruit, caramel and floral bouquet. Depression, melancholy, despondency will help drive the only "sweet" smell. Spicy, woody, chypre, amber, musk sensual and warming flavors that's what a real winter perfume.

   Winter aroma should be a loop, a dense, strong. To feel it, do not pour scented water, better to prefer Parfum, Extrait or Eau de Parfum. They oils concentration above is enough to put on the wrists, behind the ears and in the neck a few drops.

   Best Winter flavors are recognized: Eclat Parfum by Fragonard, Femme L'eau Fraiche by Hugo Boss, Sensuous Noir by Estee Lauder, Sensi by Giorgio Armani, Gucci Guilty by Gucci, Miss Dior Cherie by Dior.Aromaty remind you of summer, exotic countries, Sweets fruit and warm sun.

 Face mask of lime

Face mask of lime

Face mask of lime

   Called hybrid citrus lime. Small slightly roundish fruit lime covered with a thin skin, and the flesh has a delicate citrus scent that is a bit like lemon. The composition of lime include: vitamins, large amounts of ascorbic acid, as well as micro and macro.

   Key Lime facials stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin and slow down the aging process. With regular use of such masks skin is more radiant, elastic, supple and fresh.
In lime juice contains a large amount of potassium which, in combination with ascorbic acid, make more supple wall of the capillary vessels and strengthens them.

  Squeeze the juice of half a lime and apply it on clean face with a cotton pad. Wait until the first layer of the juice is absorbed into the skin, then apply a second. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, after that rinse off any juice with warm water. Rinse skin with cool water and apply on face nourishing cream.
Face mask of lime helps to lighten the skin and get rid of the old cells.

Skin Care and Hair color for women over 40
Ultrasonic Cleaning Face

Skin Care and Hair color for women over 40

Skin care after 40

   Each day of a mature woman should begin and end with the cleansing procedure. For this purpose it is not necessary to use water from the tap. There are many special tools that will cope with this task much more efficiently.
   At least once a week is necessary to use scrubs. They will help get rid of dirt and dead skin cells.
In adulthood useful hydrating mask. They must be chosen and used depending on the type and skin condition.
  Charging and massage for the face should become a mandatory procedure. Main proper execution, you need to consider the direction of skin lines.

Hair Coloring after 40

Many women over 40 are forced to dye your hair to hide the first manifestations of gray. Achieve the desired result, by the way, it is possible and with the help of temporary hair dyes.

     It does not spoil their structure,
     does not penetrate into the hair,
     create an enveloping film
     it can be used successfully to emphasize their individuality.

If you do not like the color, do not worry - after a few washing off your hair will become a natural shade. There are several types of such paint, intense and easy. Unfortunately, brunettes can not use it. Black hair color can not be a temporary paint.

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